ENHYPEN Reveals It Was A Great Honor To Perform And Meet BTS

Their dreams came true.

Group ENHYPEN made a guest appearance on MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song Of Hope and had a fun time chatting together.

The members expressed their excitement of being on the show. Leader Jungwon commented, “I’ve listened to this radio show a lot so I am very excited to be able to appear as a guest.”

Sunoo added, “We were really nervous to appear on the show as this is our second live broadcast.”

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Host Kim Shin Young asked the members who they thought talked the most on radio shows and all the members came to the consensus that it was Jay. “Jay talks the most so he’s always the life of the party.”

The members also revealed their feelings on performing in front of BTS during the Mnet survival program I-LAND.

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The youngest, Niki, commented, “I was so nervous to perform in front of our sunbaenim that were also our role models.”

Sunoo also commented, “I’ve always wanted to meet BTS’s V ever since I dreamt of becoming an idol so I was so nervous to meet him. He gave us a lot of advice.”

Sunghoon also couldn’t believe that they met BTS. “I first dreamt of becoming an idol because of BTS so it was an honor to meet them.”

Niki also chose BTS’s Jungkook as the idol he wanted to eat food with. “I could care less what the menu is if it was eating with Jungkook.” Heeseung added, “I would like to eat with him too. I am always singing along to their songs so I would love to talk about music with him while eating.”

ENHYPEN debuted under BELIFT LAB, a joint venture created by Big Hit Entertainment and CN ENM.

Watch the full show below!

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