ENHYPEN Reveals Which Superhero They Relate To The Most— And Their Answers Are Unexpectedly Deep

Their answers were interesting and thoughtful!

ENHYPEN took a quiz with Buzzfeed to see which member they really are, and their answer to one of the questions was unexpectedly deep— well, except for maybe Jake‘s.

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

When asked “Which superhero do you relate to the most?” some of the boys had interesting and thoughtful answers. Heeseung started the discussion first, picking Iron Man because he could relate to the work Iron Man puts in to improve his suit.

Ni-ki chose Spiderman for similar reasons as to why Heeseung chose Iron Man. Sunghoon also chose Spiderman, but for a slightly different reason.

Meanwhile Jay chose Batman, because he could relate to how the hero held strong principles.

Sunoo went with Captain America, because he wanted to be like him. But Ni-ki thought otherwise, and jokingly compared Sunoo to Baymax. Ouch, Ni-ki.

Jungwon also chose Captain America, which was fitting of him as the leader of the group.

Jake on the other hand, had a more unique reason for his choice, Thor.

Well, I suppose you don’t always need a deep reason to relate to someone! Watch the full video below: