ENHYPEN Reveals The Wholesome Reason Why Jake Is Loved By Variety Show MCs

Jake really is a happy virus! 😃

During ENHYPEN‘s Who’s Who challenge with Buzzfeed Celeb, the members had quite a lot to say when they were asked the question, “Who’s most likely to laugh during an awkward conversation?”

Once they thought about it for a few seconds, the boys made their picks. The initial result was a toss-up, as the three Js (Jay, Jungwon, and Jake) shared all of the votes that were cast and Sunghoon and Sunoo weren’t even able to decide!

ENHYPEN Plays Who’s Who | Buzzfeed Celeb/YouTube

But then, Heeseung spoke up and made a pretty good point about why Jake should be the correct answer: he doesn’t just laugh during awkward moments, he laughs all the time!

Jake does laugh a lot. No seriously, Jake tries to help out by laughing even when things aren’t funny. Even in boring situations, I just see his efforts to try and help by laughing.

— Heeseung

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After that, Jungwon chimed in and agreed with Heeseung’s reasoning. He further explained that Jake is quite popular among variety show emcees for his positive attitude during filming.

When we go on any shows, the emcees always thank him for being such a good sport and for always laughing at their jokes.

— Jungwon

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One time, a Japanese host even brought up Jake during an interview due to how much he enjoyed having him as a guest on his show!

I’m seriously grateful for [Jake] because he smiled the whole time. Like I said earlier, on shows like that, it’s really important for guests to show a lot of reactions-like the way he kept laughing-because we don’t want it to turn into some debate channel. I even pointed it out on the show at one point like, ‘Jake, are you smiling at me?!’ And I meant that as a compliment, like ‘Thank you for keeping it positive for me.’ But I think he took it the wrong way because he was like, ‘Oops, I’m sorry.’ What a sweetheart! He thought he was in trouble. So I told him I’m not mad, I’m grateful. He’s the one who made it look like the show is going well, you know? His reaction helped me a lot, I can’t thank him enough, It made me feel comfortable.

— Japanese MC

After all, who wouldn’t love having Jake light up their set with his contagious laugh?

You can watch ENHYPEN’s entire Who’s Who challenge here: