ENHYPEN Shocks Fans With Their Visuals In “L’Officiel Philippines” Teaser Video

They hope it will be like BTS’s edition of the magazine.

L’Officiel Philippines recently posted a teaser video for their March edition of the magazine. And although the video is only six seconds long, as soon as ENHYPEN shared the video to their Instagram Story, confirming it was of them, fans of the group went crazy over the brief images.

Of course, ENHYPEN are never lacking in visuals.

Jake, for instance, recently posted photos of himself to ENHYPEN’s Twitter account, and fans were in awe of his visuals, which were only enhanced by the blurry aesthetic of the pictures.

ENHYPEN’s Jake | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

So, of course, fans know that ENHYPEN’s visuals will be unmatched when the magazine is released.

And even with the short six-second video, fans can already tell how powerful the shoot was.

Although none of the members are easily identifiable in the video, fans believe that they managed to identify the members. Especially since the order the members appear in the video seems to follow the order the members’ names are said in ENHYPEN’s fanchant.

| @lofficielph/Instagram 

They believe the video starts with Jungwon.

Then shows Heeseung.

Followed by Jay.

Then Jake.

Followed by Sunghoon.

And Sunoo.

And, finally, Ni-ki.

Understandably, fans are incredibly excited about the images they’ll have to look forward to…

… But they are also excited because fellow HYBE labelmate BTS has also been on the cover of L’Officiel Philippines.

Which gives fans hope as not only were the images amazing, but L’Officiel Philippines also had a really great interview with BTS. And so fans are expecting the same will be true for ENHYPEN.

Fans of ENHYPEN certainly have a lot to look forward to.