ENHYPEN’s Staff Accidentally Flips The Camera During Live Broadcast

The members’ reactions were hilarious!

ENHYPEN‘s staff accidentally made an appearance during the group’s recent live broadcast.


Recently, the group held a live broadcast via Weverse. Despite the seven members sitting together, it appeared to be a vertical live broadcast rather than a horizontal one.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

So, the staff assisting them attempted to fix the orientation when they accidentally flipped the camera, revealing their face. They quickly attempted to get out of the shot as they flipped the camera to return to the group before ending the live broadcast for good.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

Right before the live broadcast ended after the incident, the members who were watching it themselves on a tablet witnessed what happened as viewers. Their reactions couldn’t be funnier. Jake especially had an audible reaction, exclaiming, “Ooh!” 

| ENHYPEN/Weverse via @aus.jake/TikTok

ENGENEs couldn’t get over Jake’s reaction more than anything. It was too funny!


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Yet, many were low-key bias-wrecked by the staff. Everyone thought they were so cute and pretty.

This wouldn’t be the first time an ENHYPEN staff appeared during a live broadcast, though.

ENHYPEN’s staff must be the eighth member!

Source: Weverse

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