ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon And His Adorable Dog Gaeul Are Trending Worldwide — Here’s Why

Who’s a good girl?

While it certainly isn’t uncommon for fans to create hashtags for their favorite K-Pop idol’s birthday, the same can’t usually be said for their pets. However ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon and his furry friend Gaeul have recently been trending worldwide because of the special occasion!

His adorable toy poodle just turned four years old, and ENGENEs wasted no time making celebratory posts for her as soon as the clock struck midnight on July 8 in South Korea.

Gaeul has actually been quite popular with ENGENEs even before ENHYPEN’s debut, as the first time Sunghoon talked about her was on the group’s survival show I-Land. During the broadcast, a photo of Gaeul freshly groomed and dressed up with a bow was shown on screen.

Sunghoon has shared much more about his precious Gaeul since then, including her barking habits and how she became a part of his family.

Gaeul rarely barks, but she knows how to protect the house and barks if she hears something outside. Gaeul came to us when she was two or three months old. Gaeul was such a baby, and pooped and peed on a potty pad.

— Sunghoon

ENGENEs are grateful for all of the love Gaeul has for her owner Sunghoon, and have expressed their hopes that she will continue to have a long, happy life with him.

Would you want a snuggle from the birthday girl Gaeul?


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