ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Recalls The Time He Fought All 6 Members At Once

“I never thought you’d talk about this.”

Because the members of ENHYPEN are only human, Sunghoon revealed the time he ended up in a fight with all six of the other members and how they solved it.

Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

During the members’ appearance on The K-Star Next Door, the host Jonathan asked Sunghoon if he really fought the members “one to six.” The idol confirmed it was true, breaking into an embarrassed smile.

Surprising Heeseung, Sunghoon decided to clear up how the fight happened.

Sunghoon set the stage by explaining how on edge they were shortly after their debut, especially following the survival show I-LAND months before.

It was the beginning of our debut. Everything went so fast. Everyone was sensitive.

— Sunghoon

When speaking with the members, Sunghoon later realized he “sounded pretty mean” to the others—causing a fight between them. He admitted, “Since we were all sensitive, I couldn’t hold back.

Jonathan pointed out the importance of making up after a fight, prompting Sunghoon to share the tearful way he apologized.

The five of them left. Heeseung and I stayed. I apologized and cried.

— Sunghoon

Heeseung remembered the heartbreaking way Sunghoon broke down. He said, “All of a sudden, he dropped his head and cried like it was the end of the world. Then I realized he was having a hard time.

Although Sunghoon’s words accidentally came across as harsh to the other members, they were able to cry it out and clear everything up. That’s what’s genuinely important for a group’s teamwork.

ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

See Sunghoon reflect on the fight with the members that ended with a heartwarming moment of understanding.