ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Says It Was “Hard To Laugh” When He Was A Skater—Here’s Why It’s Different Now

He admitted that he seldom looked happy back then.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he talked about his MBTI, his schedule, his voice in comeback title track “Blessed-Cursed,” and more.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

Of course, the subject of his past as an award-winning figure skater was also brought up. Sunghoon skated in major competitions in Korea and around the world before he joined I-LAND. Thanks to his great achievements—having podium finishes in the Asian Figure Skating Trophy and the Lombardia Trophy, for example—and his attractive face, he had a league of fans ever since.

One of these fans noticed an upsetting fact about him when he was a skater. She revealed online, “Seeing Sunghoon smile when he was a skater and out on the rink was a rare occurrence.” 

He agreed with the fan that he seldom looked happy back then.

Oh, I think I saw that, too. I don’t know if it’s because I was going through puberty or what, but for some reason it was hard to laugh back then.

— Sunghoon

He apparently had few reasons to smile given his small social circle at the time. Sunghoon admitted, “I didn’t have many friends my age, so I didn’t laugh or chitchat much, either.”

It’s not all sad news, however, as Sunghoon is now happier than ever. There were two key differences between his past as a skater and his present as a singer that allowed this to be so. The first was the very nature of work as a K-Pop idol where he often has to look positive on stage and the second was his members. With them, he now has friends who support him and make him smile all the time.

I had to at least smile when I was on stage, though. (laughs) But ever since becoming an idol, I’m no longer alone—I’m with the other members, so I look more relaxed and it’s easy to smile on stage, too.

— Sunghoon

Of course, his experience as a skater wasn’t all for naught. Check out how it gave him an edge as a K-Pop idol below:

Here’s How Figure Skating Gave ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon An Edge As A K-Pop Idol, According To Sunghoon Himself

Source: Weverse Magazine