ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon And Jake Gain Attention For Their Behavior During An Unexpected Interaction With Actress Florence Pugh

“You can just tell she adored how sweet they were…”

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon and Jake have gained attention for their behavior towards actress Florence Pugh after meeting her at an event for Tiffany & Co.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and Jake | DAZED

On September 12, the ENHYPEN duo attended an event for Tiffany & Co. in Japan at the Omotesando Flagship Store. As expected, the two idols looked extremely handsome as they walked down the red carpet and posed for the media.

They looked even better in the videos showcasing their IRL visuals, whether it was posing or being caught just chatting and interacting with those around them.



Of course, fan photos of the duo were just as beautiful, and the two idols seemed like they had stepped out of a K-Drama.

| @itma_jy/Twitter

As handsome as the members looked, Sunghoon and Jake have also gained attention for their interaction with actress Florence Pugh.

Actress Florence Pugh | @florencepugh/Instagram

On the Instagram account of outlet Harpers Bazaar Korea, a video was posted of Sunghoon and Jake with the actress. After posing for some pictures, Jake politely asks the actress if they can take a selfie.

As the camera angle switched and showed the stars taking photos in another location, the trio looked like they were having the best time and seemed very comfortable around each other.

In screenshots fans took from the video and put in higher quality, the interactions between the ENHYPEN members and Florence seemed cuter than ever, with the actress having a huge smile on her face and seeming at ease with the two idols.

After the interaction, a video on TikTok went viral as one fan pointed out how much Florence Pugh seemed to love the two idols and also praising Sunghoon and Jake’s impeccable manners with her.


you can just tell she adored how sweet they were #enhypen #florencepugh #jake #jakeenhypn #sunghoon #sunghoonenhypen


Of course, netizens couldn’t stop agreeing with OP, who shared just how much Florence Pugh seemed to love the members and just how respectful they were to her. Others couldn’t get over the interaction, especially considering the ENHYPEN members love Marvel.

As expected, K-Pop idols are always known for being extremely polite and the ENHYPEN members just cemented that when meeting Florence.

Source: Harper's Bazaar Korea

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