ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and Jay Show Their Sweet Support For TXT’s Yeonjun During His Recording For His Feature In “Blockbuster”

They also brought him a sweet gift!

ENHYPEN‘s DIMENSION : DILEMMA album recently dropped and ENGENEs are loving all its tracks! Many fans have also been curious to know more about TXT‘s Yeonjun‘s participation in their song “Blockbuster” and how closely he worked with them.

In a recent behind-the-scenes video, Yeonjun gave viewers an insight into the recording process and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and Jay were there to show their loving support!

The two had been listening and watching Yeonjun work hard to record his feature. While Yeonjun recorded, Sunghoon showed his approval and gave the camera a thumbs up!

Following his recording session, Yeonjun talked the two and Sunghoon mentioned, “Josung (Jay’s Korean name) likes the lyrics.” Yeonjun then thanked Jay and the three all gave each other adorable hugs.

Not only did Sunghoon and Jay show their support by showing up to the recording session, but they also brought Yeonjun egg tarts! How sweet are they!

Earlier in the video, Yeonjun expressed his desire to someday perform “Blockbuster” alongside the ENHYPEN members. Yeonjun shared, “I hope I’ll get to perform this song with ENHYPEN one day.” Hopefully, Yeonjun’s wish will come true! It would certainly make MOAs and ENGENEs incredibly happy!

Check out the video below: