ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Apologizes To SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, Here’s Why

It was all a misunderstanding.

On the latest episode of SSAP Possible: Melon Station, ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo sent a sweet apology to SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan over a minor misunderstanding that caused laughs for all.

Sunoo | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

During a live broadcast, a fan asked Sunoo if he knew the new slang phrase “Shingi-banggi Bboongbboong-banggi.” Thinking it was a random phrase created by younger kids, Sunoo was absolutely clueless and responded in a way that reflected it. He quickly learned that the phrase had been created by none other than Jeonghan.

‘Do you know Shingi-banggi Bboongbboong-banggi?’ What is that?

Ah…the kids these days. I don’t understand.

— Sunoo

Although Sunoo cutely followed up by saying how much he adored Jeonghan’s sense of humor in the live broadcast, he shared what he’d been thinking at the time. Sunoo admitted, “‘That must be some new thing,’ was all I thought. But I didn’t think it would come back and hit me like that.

Despite it being an honest mistake, Sunoo apologized to Jeonghan and praised the catchy phrase for being clever and trendy.

First off, Jeonghan, I’m really sorry. I think it’s a great creation. It goes well with the current trends.

— Sunoo

Sunoo started using the popular phrase as well, sending wishes for it to become even more popular.

And even I use it from time to time! I’ve been using it ever since.

Shingi-banggi Bboongbboong-banggi. I hope it spreads more and more.

— Sunoo

Sunoo didn’t have to worry too much. Jeonghan was thankful that so many idols have been enjoying the phrase, creating moments that were equally funny and awkward.

Jeonghan | @pledis_17/Twitter

Check out Sunoo’s sweet apology to Jeonghan here.