ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Receives Violent Death Threats, Fans Ask BELIFT LAB To Take Action

This is not the first time this has happened.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo has recently become the target of death threats.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo | Weverse Magazine

In early January, tweets directed at Sunoo were made about the group’s upcoming appearance at the 2023 Golden Disc Awards in Jakarta. The tweets consisted of derogatory comments about Sunoo and threats of violence towards him.

Tweet 2: ot6 is starting to get a lot of fun, really Sunoo Boti should have been kicked out of the group, maybe street boti has joined a high-class group like Enhypen, Daniel should have just debuted first, not that guy with the name Sunoo Bbenchoong. (translation via @Team_Sunoo/X)

Many of the hate tweets talked about Sunoo’s femininity in a negative way, making assumptions about his sexuality. Assuming someone who is more feminine is gay, and discriminating against them based on that is inherently homophobic regardless of the subject’s sextuality.

Fans of Sunoo the sissy are very complicated, so you want only Sunoo the sissy to be the babygirl? Lmao that bottom is more suitable to be a sissybaby. I reflexively wanted to watch goda and then beat Sunoo to death. That guy better get out of enha quickly, he has no use in the group just humiliating enhypen having an effeminate member like Sunoo

— OP, translation via @Team_Sunoo/X

I really hate canned pansy Sundogs [mixing Sunoo’s name with the word dog], he’s sick, he’s pretentious, he’s fat like an elephant, he’s too lazy to move towards a wild boar. Likes to cause trouble in the fandom. It’s true that Sunoo is unlucky, her mother would also regret giving birth to her if she found out that her child was a prostitute at the agency.

— OP, translation via Google Translate

If Enhypen arrives in Indo, Sunoo can just be killed or not from that group. I didn’t watch it but I still can’t accept that it wasn’t Daniel who debuted. Sundog doesn’t match Enhypen’s dark macho concept. See for yourself, the agency doesn’t really give Sundog a platform because he’s actually just ++

— OP, translation via Google Translate

Fans have begun mass emailing BELIFT LAB to encourage it to take steps to ensure Sunoo is safe and those behind the threats are held responsible.