A Fan Proposes To ENHYPEN’s Sunoo At Their “FATE” Concert In Seoul

“She’s just like me.”

Whenever fans ask ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo to marry him, he’s always quick to reject them with a firm, “I’m sorry, no.

So a fan used a different approach on day one of the group’s FATE world tour stop in Seoul.


As Sunoo high-fived fans, he came across one that had a present for him. The ENGENE proposed to him with a giant diamond ring.

Sunoo held onto the ring as he sang his lines, seeming to give the fan a nod. ENGENEs enjoyed the cute proposal so much that they wanted to see the lucky fan’s video. They didn’t have to wait long.

They shared a close-up of Sunoo accepting their creative proposal.

See the sweet moment between the lucky fan and Sunoo here.


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