ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Goes Viral For His Main Character Energy While…Walking?

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ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo recently went viral for an entirely unexpected yet iconic reason.


ENHYPEN are currently in Madrid, Spain, following their performance at the KPOP LUX x SBS Super Concert.


The group proved their global influence before the concert even started as fans sang along to tracks like “DRUNK-DAZED” while waiting for the concert to begin. Once on stage, the group performed a fantastic show, impressing local fans and those online!

In the days following the performance, many groups spent some time in Madrid, enjoying the sights and doing things like shopping. IVE‘s Gaeul, also in attendance at the festival, recently attracted attention for her actions while meeting fans.


We met Gaeul while walking in the streets of Madrid 🥹🩷 @IVE.official #fypシ #ive #kpop #kpoplux #gaeul @IVE.official

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ENHYPEN were able to do the same and got spotted by lucky fans doing tourist activities.

In one video shared online, fans couldn’t help but notice Sunoo displaying some serious main-character energy.

In a short clip, the group members are seen exiting a vehicle in a single file line.


As Sunoo walks by, it seems like he’s walking a runway as he waves to the fan recording and enters the building.



After the clip was posted online, it quickly racked up millions of views across different videos on different platforms. Fans also slowed the clip down to showcase more of his model walk.


#sunoo with 14.1B views

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Fans love the clip and are calling him a “main slayer” because of his iconic walk!