ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Proves He Could Easily Be A Chef On “The Best Cooking Secrets”

“Gordon Ramsay would cry if he ever saw how talented Sunoo is in cooking.”

Back in May, ENHYPEN‘s SunooΒ revealed that in the future he would really want to be able to cook for all of his members in order to show them his love and appreciation.

Therefore, ENGENEs were excited to finally see chef Sunoo in action during hisΒ guest appearanceΒ on the show “The Best Cooking Secrets” which premiered on July 19 and July 21!

Much like how Sunoo is a natural when it comes to singing and dancing, he quickly picked up on all of Park Eunyoung‘s instructions! Not only was he able to flip a wide variety of ingredients in both a regular pan and a wok with ease, (which is *much* harder than it looks!) but he also looked adorable while doing it.

At one point after he touched on the fact that chopsticks are best for beating eggs efficiently, host Eunyoung asked Sunoo if he had watched cooking programs before, as she was impressed by how well he was able to carry out the task!

Sunoo also prepared the spring onions so lightly and delicately that many viewers just had to take notice!

The end results from both episodes looked absolutely delicious, and Sunoo definitely seemed to enjoy all of his finished products!

What do you think of Sunoo’s new cooking skills?