ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Fully Recovers From COVID-19

He is back to his daily life.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo has been released from self-quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19. According to BELIFT LAB, he was treated at home with no symptoms other than a mild cold, so his quarantine was lifted. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is BELIFT LAB. We would like to inform you that ENHYPEN’s Sunoo has fully recovered from COVID-19 and has been released from quarantine as of midnight on February 15 KST. Sunoo has been receiving treatment at home according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities. During his quarantine period, he did not show any special symptoms other than a mid cold. Due to this, his quarantine has been lifted and he is able to return to daily life starting from February 16. 

ENHYPEN members who were determined to be close contact completed their self-quarantine until midnight (February 15). There were no special symptoms during the self-isolation period, and all members tested negative before the quarantine was lifted. We deeply thank fans for worrying about the artists’ health and the medical staff who are working hard to overcome COVID-19. We will continue to consider the health and safety of our artists as our top priority and faithfully follow the quarantine guidelines.

Source: sports khan