Here’s How TXT Really Treats ENHYPEN Behind The Scenes, According To Sunoo

They recently collaborated.

In his Weverse Magazine interview, ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo was asked about fellow labelmates TXT and how they were like in real life. The two groups collaborated for a medley of iconic K-Pop songs in the 2021 KBS Song Festival‘s “Legend of K-Pop” segment.

You prepared a performance for KBS Song Festival with TXT that goes through the history of K-pop. What was it like working on the performance together?

— Weverse Magazine


Unsurprisingly, Sunoo couldn’t help but gush over TXT! He affirmed that they “looked after” the younger group and they were highly professional as well.

They really looked after us—maybe because they debuted before us—and made sure the atmosphere in the practice studio was never uncomfortable for us.

— Sunoo

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The more people there are in a room, the higher the chances of opinions clashing. With TXT, however, everything went smoothly. There were no obstacles that slowed down the progress of the groups.

Maybe that’s why we progressed so quickly and everything went well even though there were so many of us.

— Sunoo

Sunoo, despite his sunshine-like personality, was still initially shy around his seniors. He didn’t need to worry at all though—everyone in TXT was the definition of kind and accommodating!

I’m actually quite shy around new people. I didn’t have any contact with TXT when I was a trainee, so I was hesitant to talk to them at first, but they would say, ‘Hey, SUNOO!’ and, ‘Tough day, right?’ which I liked and was grateful for.

— Sunoo

Sunoo pre-debut


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their full performance below!

Source: Weverse Magazine