ENHYPEN Toured BTS’s Practice Room And Made A Surprising Discovery

They saw where the magic happens, firsthand.

With ENHYPEN‘s debut just weeks away, its members are preparing to transition from trainee life to idol life.

| Big Hit Labels

In Episode 1 of their new reality show, ENHYPEN&Hi, ENHYPEN took fans on a virtual tour of their new dorm and Big Hit Entertainment headquarters.

After arriving in the parking garage, they visited Big Hit Entertainment’s famous artist lounge. Here, BTS and TXT film many of their live broadcasts against a backdrop of albums by Big Hit Entertainment’s artists.

ENHYPEN, who will debut under the Big Hit Labels‘s subsidiary BE:LIFT, is hoping that their album will join this wall of fame.

After checking out the lounge, ENHYPEN took a tour of BTS’s practice room, the place where blood, sweat (lots of sweat), and tears turn dreams into reality. “I can’t believe we’re setting foot here,” Jay said, in awe.

The members were surprised when automated blinds suddenly began to cover the mirrors. The staff explained that the mirrors are concealed when BTS films entertainment videos and dance practices. “I thought they stuck paper on the mirror every time,” Jungwon said. Chances are, he’s not the only one!

ENHYPEN felt the years of experience and meaning that this humble room holds. “It’s an honor to see their traces myself,” Sunghoon said.

ENHYPEN will debut on November 30 with their first mini-album BORDER : DAY ONE. Watch the first episode of their show here: