ENHYPEN Gush Over TXT’s Yeonjun’s Participation In New Song “Blockbuster”

With all the talent of ENHYPEN and Yeonjun on one track, “Blockbuster” is sure to be a hit.

The release of ENHYPEN‘s first studio album, DIMENSION: DILEMMA, is finally here—and with it comes a very special feature. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that ENHYPEN’s HYBE labelmate Yeonjun of TXT would be featuring on track six: “Blockbuster,” known as “Like an Action Movie” in Korean. At a press conference for DILEMMA, the ENHYPEN members revealed how they felt about his participation.

While the TXT members have no official positions, many MOAs regard Yeonjun as the unofficial main rapper. After getting his first chance to write a title track rap verse with “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” it’s only fitting that he’s now branching out into rap features—first up, with a verse on ENHYPEN’s “Blockbuster.”

TXT’s Yeonjun | Big Hit Music

Earlier this week, Yeonjun took to Twitter to share how pleased he was to participate in ENHYPEN’s new album, telling fans, “It was such a great opportunity to participate in the featuring.”

It was such a great opportunity to participate in the featuring 😊 ENHYPEN, fighting on your comeback this time~~

— Yeonjun

Now, the ENHYPEN members reveal they were just as excited to have sunbaenim Yeonjun on their song. In a press conference for DIMENSION: DILEMMA, Jake revealed that he felt honored to have Yeonjun contribute to the hardcore vibes of “Blockbuster.”


Heeseung shared a similar sentiment, thanking the group’s senior for his participation. “It was exciting to work with an artist from outside the group for the first time,” revealed Heeseung, “and that being a sunbaenim from HYBE Labels was a big honor for us.”


The group even got the chance to stop by the studio while Yeonjun was recording his verse. Upon seeing the energy he put into it, Sunghoon says he was inspired by just how passionately Yeonjun created his part in the song.


With so much talent on one track, there’s no doubt “Blockbuster” will be a surefire hit. Now, many fans hope it won’t be the last time ENHYPEN and TXT work on music together.

Source: Kpop Herald and BuzzFeed K-Pop
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