ENHYPEN Reveals Working On “BORDER : CARNIVAL” Brought The Group Closer Together

“With the second album, I think we were able to feel…”

In light of their new hit mini-album, BORDER : CARNIVAL, the members of ENHYPEN sat down with Harper’s Bazaar for an interview!

While it seems like ENHYPEN is already super close, the members shared how working on their new mini-album brought the group closer together.

For one, Sunoo expressed that since the first album was a new experience for all of them, it was all a bit awkward; however, BORDER : CARNIVAL, the members were more aware of the process and could enjoy themselves more.

First off, on the 1st mini-album, since it was the first one we prepared together as a team, everything felt new and awkward we were creating music for the first time. But with the second album, I think we were able to feel more comfortable and enjoy the process.

— Sunoo

Ni-Ki added that because of all their hard work and preparation for the mini-album, the group’s teamwork and bond definitely got a lot stronger!

When preparing for this album, I think our chemistry and teamwork improved.

— Ni-Ki

Check out the video: