ENHYPEN’s Jay Revealed How He’s Using BTS’ Advice Towards His “RAS” Moment

We love every moment of Jay.

Weverse Magazine caught up with ENHYPEN‘s Jay for an interview that released on December 24. Since ENHYPEN debuted not too long ago, many of the questions centered around their debut and how he felt about it.

One unexpected question Jay received focused on his iconic “R.A.S” (Resentment. Angry. Shame) moments.

The interview took a turn in the direction of his iconic moments after the interviewer asked Jay about his parents:

When I saw your parents on the show, they looked like cheery people.”

I have an easy-going, friendly relationship with my parents. And the way my mom talked on the show was extremely blunt. My parents and I are very honest and straightforward—like, no matter what everyone might think of me, I’ll say what they need to hear and whatever I want to them. We’re all like that. Even on I-LAND, it wasn’t that different from when I was a trainee. I only thought about wanting to put on a good show every week, and that way, I think, I showed my honest side.

— Jay

This topic lead the interviewer to segway into Jay’s “RAS” moments.

And that’s when you had your “RAS” moment. What did you think when you saw that scene?

Whoa … Someone’s having a hard time! I can’t really remember that well anymore, but I must’ve had a really hard time. I think I was way too honest.

— Jay

| Mnet/YouTube 

You’re taking BTS’s advice: “Enjoy your embarrassing moments.” 

Exactly. I don’t care about it at all anymore. I ignore it; I think, it is what it is, and there’s no way to take it back. Even after I die, it’ll still be floating around the Internet, like my ghost. So I just kind of gave up on that.

— Jay

| Mnet/YouTube  

One of the reasons you had that “RAS” moment on I-LAND was because you couldn’t get the part you really wanted. Do you like the parts you have now?

Yes. I really like them and, for the hook in the chorus, Sunghoon’s part and mine are pretty much identical which are repeated. It was actually my dance move for Sunghoon’s part and his move for my part at first, but it was decided later it would fit the mood better if the choreography was changed, so they ended up switched. The first way wasn’t bad either, but I think the changed version suited both of us much better.

— Jay

Jay obviously is unbothered by his charming “RAS” moments which is great because many fans love him for all of them. BTS gave great advice and fans are happy that Jay’s funny moments don’t bother him.

Source: Weverse Magazine and YouTube


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