ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Has Recovered From COVID-19

Jungwon is the second member to confirm his recovery after almost all of ENHYPEN tested positive.

After being diagnosed with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) last month, ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon announces he has now recovered from the illness.

After a member of staff at a filming site where ENHYPEN was working was confirmed as a COVID-19 case, ENHYPEN went into self-quarantine on August 26. While they were initially quarantining as a precaution, member Jake began to show symptoms of the coronavirus (including fever and coughing) on August 29. As such, all the members underwent PCR testing.


On August 30, Jake, Heeseung, Jay, Sunghoon, and Jungwon were all confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. Later, on September 4, Ni-Ki was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 too, leaving Sunoo as the only member who tested negative. BE:LIFT LAB subsequently confirmed that all the members were only suffering from minor symptoms and assured fans that they would be taking “the necessary precautionary measures in accordance to the health authorities’ guidelines.”


Thankfully, the members are now beginning to recover. Jake was the first to recover from COVID-19 on September 8. He updated Weverse to let fans know he’d been discharged, going on to reassure fans that the other members were in a good condition and close to their own recoveries.


ENGENEs, I’ve recovered safely and was discharged from the hospital! 😄 The other members are also doing well and I think they will be discharged soon. 😊 ENHYPEN fighting! 👏 🥰

— Jake

Now, Jungwon has posted a Weverse update confirming he’s in good health too. Uploading a cute selfie 11 days after his diagnosis, Jungwon told ENGENEs he too has been discharged from his treatment center.

In Seoul, it’s currently standard procedure for those with COVID-19 to stay at a government treatment and quarantine facility until they no longer have the virus, even if they have mild symptoms.

| Weverse

I’ve been discharged safely, ENGENE~!! ♥️

— Jungwon

Jungwon also shared an adorable photo of his beloved dog, Maeumi, for good measure, indicating that he’s spending time at home with his family.

| Weverse

With two members confirmed to have recovered well, fans are hoping that it won’t be long until the remaining ENHYPEN stars are healthy again.

Source: Weverse