Entertainer Kim Na Young holds secret wedding ceremony in Jeju Island

Entertainer Kim Na Young surprised everyone after holding a secret wedding ceremony in Jeju Island on April 27th (KST).

Reportedly, Kim Na Young and her husband tied the knot on April 27th in Jeju Island, during a private ceremony with 10 family members. They will be spending their honeymoon in Jeju Island as well.

According to Kim Na Young’s agency, “We presume that many people were surprised and puzzled by Kim Na Young’s sudden wedding news. Although it makes sense to have made a prior announcement for this blissful event, it has already taken place in private, and we would want to take this opportunity to send our apologies. Both of their families met in Seoul prior to the wedding and have confirmed their genuine love and support for each other, while agreeing to a small but meaningful ceremony.”  

Along with the happy wedding news, Kim Na Young mentioned through her agency, “Since college, I have always thought of having a meaningful wedding that was not bound to a conventional format. The person beside me has also agreed on keeping a low key wedding ceremony since it is the first of many days to come..that way we could focus on one another. By remembering the first step we’re taking today, I will try to show the best in my life.”

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Source: Ilgan Sports