Entertainment industry in deep sorrow after two Korean actors are found dead

Colleagues and members of the acting industry are in grief as actor Pan Young Jin and musical actor Kim Woon Ha were found dead recently. Movie star Pan Young Jin was found dead in his car in front of his house early June 22nd by one of his neighbors who immediately called 911.

Upon further investigation, burned coal was found on the seat next to him. While the actor did not leave a letter, a friend is said to have received a message from the actor that may have hinted at the impending suicide. Police also revealed that the actor had been suffering from depression recently.

Meanwhile, musical actor Kim Woon Ha was found dead in his small, one-bedroom hostel on June 19th where police discerned that he had been dead for about five days.

A colleague from his company commented on the actor’s kindness saying, “He always took care of his colleagues and juniors. He was a warm person. I hope he receives much love in heaven and he rests well. Please pray for him.”

Koreaboo sends our condolences to the friends and family of Pan Young Jin and Kim Woon Ha in this difficult time.

Source: Yonhap News and Sports Donga