Entertainment Weekly talks about Girl’s Day Minah and Son Heung Min

With many K-POP stars relationship surfacing to the public, there were also some disheartening news of Girl’s Day Minah and Korea’s National Soccer Team player Son Heungmin‘s breaking up.

On a recent episode of “Entertainment Weekly“, which aired October 18th, the program spoke about the breakup between Girl’s Day Minah and Son Heung Min.

Soon after the breaking news of Minah and Son Heungmin’s relationship, they were caught by paparazzi’s during their late night dates. But after hearing nothing from the two, fans were confused to hear the sudden breakup news. According to “Entertainment Weekly,” the reason for their breakup is reportedly due to their lack of contact with each other due to busy schedules. Lack of contact led to less care and attention which naturally led to them breaking up.

Minah’s agency revealed in a statement, “As reported, since the public announcement of their relationship, they were barely able to contact each other.”

Photo from Entertainment Weekly
Photo from Entertainment Weekly

Source: My Daily