Epik High and Cha Seung Won renew exclusive contract with YG Entertainment

Epik High and actor Cha Seung Won are reported to have renewed their contract with YG Entertainment. 

According to reports on July 31st, YG Entertainment was able to negotiate with Cha Seungwon and Epik High for contract renewal and was met with no disagreements. It was revealed that both talents signed a new exclusive management contract with the agency for the next three years.

Cha Seungwon initially joined the agency back in 2014 and was supported for his roles in You’re All Surrounded along with a number of film projects and just recently through the variety show, Three Meal A Day: Fishing Village. 

Epik High, however, joined YG Entertainment in 2012 after a three year hiatus as a group. The move came after member Tablo signed up as a solo artist a year earlier. Since then, the group released the albums 99 and Shoebox and was since offered a chance to make their own music though their own label, HIGH GROUND.

Stay tuned for more exciting news with YG Entertainment’s exclusive partnership with Epik High and Cha Seungwon!

Source: TopStarNews