Epik High Guess Each Other’s Favorite Genre Of Music For A BFF Test

Things go crazy!

Epik High teamed up with Buzzfeed to take the BFF test and see how well they know one another. As they began answering questions from birthdays, favorite type of alcohol, and more, they realized that they don’t know each other as well as they thought they did!

| etnews

For one of the questions, they were asked what their favorite music genre was.

Tablo seemed serious when he chose horror core for Mithra Jin‘s favorite genre.

Tablo explains that it’s “hard core mixed with horror.” Taken aback, Mithra states that he actually likes quiet songs!

On the other hand, DJ Tukutz was so sure that Tablo’s favorite music was rock. Tablo decides to tease him by saying that he loves classical music, only to reveal that he “doesn’t like rock, I love rock.”

As for Tukutz, they thought his favorite genre was jazz…

…or K-Pop dance music!

Tablo also gave a bit of TMI and revealed that Tukutz felt that BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby” was “the greatest song ever made in the history of music.”

In terms of K-Pop, Tablo felt that BTS‘s “Fire” was more up Tukutz’ alley.

Tukutz however responded that he enjoys BTS’s “Boy With Luv” nowadays.

Watch more of their shenanigans in the full video below!