Epik High’s Tablo Had The Classiest Response To A Hater’s DM Regarding The Group’s Achievements

Go, Tablo!

Longtime Korean artist Epik High made history when the lineup for Coachella 2022 was dropped. Not only were they the first Korean group to perform at Coachella, but they also became the first Korean group to be invited back to Coachella ever. Just one invitation back would’ve been enough to secure their title, but the group had been asked three times.

Coachella 2022 lineup poster. | Coachella

The group performed to a massive crowd of around 200,000 people in 2016. They were then asked back in 2020, but the event was canceled due to the pandemic. 2022 marked their third invitation to the show. This is a big deal as they were invited as an act rather than a feature.

Epik High at Coachella 2016. | SBS AU

The band’s achievement was undermined when a hater sent a DM to Tablo himself. The hater alleged that Tablo had been shady to BLACKPINK and warned him to stay out of “women’s business.”

| @slitforsan/Twitter

Tablo himself merely replied with an “oh wow…” while focusing on his group’s achievements instead. After that classy response, he followed up by tweeting a shrugging emoji with screencaps of news articles regarding Epik High’s success, letting the facts speak for themselves.

Fans of Epik High began to defend Tablo, citing a past interview where Tablo claimed to have recommended BLACKPINK to the Coachella founder. As BLACKPINK’s direct company senior, Tablo would have been in such a position to make the recommendation.

On the other hand, fans of BLACKPINK ask for credit to be given to the hardworking and talented girls of BLACKPINK. After all, a recommendation can only get your foot through the door.

No matter what the case is, Epik High certainly put up a fire show over the first Coachella 2022 weekend. They will be wrapping up their North American tour and finishing their set for Coachella 2022 over the weekend of April 23 to 24, 2022. Congratulations to the iconic group on everything!