Epik High Reveal Why Complimenting Tablo Is Done Sparingly

“One wrong compliment and…”

Epik High‘s DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin revealed why complimenting Tablo is kept to a minimum!

Epik High recently sat down for a special episode of The Tablo Podcast to talk about their latest album, Epik High Is Here!

As they talked about the song “Leica”, Tablo couldn’t help but gush over the song, and then talked about a dreaded moment while making music with the other two members!

The moment where you go crazy is when you have the perfect track ready, and you think it’s perfect, so you want to show it off. Like you [Mithra Jin] or Tukutz come. “Take a listen”. I play it…but you guys are dead silent. I turn around to see your reaction. You guys are still like this. I’m waiting for a hyped reaction but… I just quietly turn off the computer.


DJ Tukutz then hilariously spoke up and revealed why those moments are actually very important!

It’s important to overcome those situations. Because if we just say it’s good, it could actually be part of the album. We only have an opinion of 25% for the two of us. Actually, 49% [Tablo has 51%]. So he has the priority. One wrong compliment and the song could be in the next album. [So] We’re very cold.

—DJ Tukutz

Epik High always delivers quality bops, together!

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Epik High recently made a comeback with their 10th full album titled Epik High Is Here, and title tracks “Rosario” and “Based On A True Story”.

Watch them talk about the whole thing here, from the 38:09 mark onwards!