Epik High and Crayon Pop recognized by Fuse for SXSW performances

Having made an appearance at the annual film and music festival SXSW 2015, Epik High and Crayon Pop also made it on Fuse‘s The 12 Best Moments of SXSW 2015 So Far.

On March 19th, Epik High and Crayon Pop joined other artists such as Hitchhikers, The Barberettes, and more for K-Pop Night Out held at Elysium Club in Austin, Texas.

The girls of Crayon Pop, being one of the well known K-Pop acts with their viral hit song “Bar Bar Bar,” performed in matching latex outfits for the night. Crayon Pop was added onto the list of best moments at #5, and was said to have choreography that, “…was impeccable, as if someone measured each inch of their arm extensions with a ruler”.

Epik High closed out the third annual K-Pop Night Out showcase, and brought the show to an end around 1AM. Attracting a crowd with both new and current fans, Fuse stated, “They’re one of the biggest acts of their genre, and that became apparent the minute they uttered their first words. It was a true delight to watch those new and unfamiliar with Korean popular music almost gasp in the afterglow”.

Epik High also held an interview with Billboard prior to their performance at SXSW 2015, where they also shared plans on a U.S. tour.

Source: Fuse