Epik High dominates online music charts for “Happen Ending” and “Spoiler”

Epik High dominated online music charts with the release of their 8th full album, “Shoebox”, following its release in South Korea today. 

On October 21st, Epik High officially released their 8th album “Shoebox” in various online music portals in South Korea, gathering a hot reaction from the public with all of its twelve tracks.

An hour after its release, Epik High’s title track “Happen Ending” dominated major music charts such as Naver Music, Bugs, Olleh Music and more, while other tracks “Spoiler” and “Born Hater” holding a strong spot on the top half of the charts.

Epik High reigned supreme overtaking BEAST from the top spot, along with other contenders Seo Taiji, Akdong Musician and Gaeko. Sharing his excitement over their new album, Tablo thanked fans through personal Twitter account afterwards,posting screen caps of their current ranking.

Following its release online, “Shoebox” is scheduled for its offline release on October 22nd.