Epik High Reveals How They Developed A Close Friendship With BTS’s RM And Suga

“We’re close with RM and Suga.”

Epik High recently dropped their new single “Rain Song” featuring Colde, and it has been, of course, gaining a lot of positive praise! One major name that showed their love for Epik High’s new single is BTS!

During their recent (July 1, 2021) appearance on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, Epik High discussed their “Rain Song,” coming up with its title, as well as BTS’s support for their song!

Before they dished on their friendship with BTS, Epik High’s leader Tablo discussed the details on the making of “Rain Song.” For the song’s title. Tablo shared he wanted to create a title that would be easy for people to search for. Upon hearing this, the show’s host mentioned how Epik High has several songs that are known as “rain songs” such as their hit “Umbrella” featuring Younha.

Tablo then mentioned BTS’s support of their new song. On June 29th, BTS showed their love for “Rain Song” on their official Twitter account! The supportive post was a screenshot of a music app streaming “Rain Song” along with the caption, “Thinking about the past #070809.” Tablo retweeted BTS’s post with the caption, “Thank you!!! Thanks to you, we also gained a lot of good, old memories!!! LEGENDS!!!”

Since BTS’s Twitter account is shared by all the members, many fans have taken their guess to who tweeted it. Tablo also revealed that he is unsure of who tweeted their song, but he clearly appreciated it anyway. At the Cultwo Show, Tablo mentioned he has a close friendship with both RM and Suga!

All the members share the same account, so I’m not sure who uploaded the photo, but it showed that they were listening to the song. We’re close with RM and Suga. Before we became close, they came to visit us in our waiting room. We became friends then.

— Tablo

Suga (left) and RM (right) |

Tablo continued and revealed RM and Suga’s dreams grew whenever they would listen to Epik High’s song “FLY.” Tablo then made a cute commented and praised BTS’s success.

They told us that they grew their dreams while listening to our song ‘FLY.’ Whenever we see them receiving awards all from all over the world, we think, ‘It’s a good thing we made ‘FLY.’

— Tablo


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