Epik High’s Tablo Has To Buy His Own Merchandise Through Resellers For Unbelievable Markup Cost

Celebrities really are just like us?!

We’ve all experienced the struggle of finding merchandise, especially when it’s rare…

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If you become a fan later on, it can be challenging to get your hands on an early album. A lot of artists don’t reprint unless they choose to release a special anniversary edition. Or maybe you couldn’t afford to buy it at the time. So, oftentimes, if you really want something, you have to spend a lot of money to buy merch through a reseller!

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Fans aren’t the only ones who have experienced this struggle, though! Even artists themselves face it.

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Epik High‘s Tablo revealed that he has to purchase his own merchandise and albums through resellers, and he explained why they wouldn’t reprint any.

Epik High’s Tablo

Tablo recently tweeted that he forgot to order an Epik High vinyl. Epik High’s 2019 mini-album Sleepless In ______ was being sold as a limited edition LP but was made to order.

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So, unless you pre-ordered from the September 6 – 12 window, you were out of luck. Apparently, this included Tablo himself.

Fans were shocked to hear that the artist was not given his own vinyl. Others could relate to his struggle, and some offered him one of their extra copies.

Tablo quote-tweeted himself, saying he would have to obtain the LP through a reseller. Even more shocking, he revealed that it wouldn’t be the first time.

He added another tweet, explaining more. Tablo clarified that he has, in fact, bought rare, limited edition Epik High albums and merchandise “at huge resell markup.” 

Fans were stunned to find out that he was not given the merchandise automatically. A popular suggestion was that Epik High just continue to reprint their older stuff, though.

Tablo replied to the suggestion. Out of consideration for collectors, they don’t reprint because it would devalue the items.

Fans had mixed feelings about this. For the sake of those who were/are unable to obtain the original copies, an alternative could be offered, such as reprints with an altered design.

Not only are Epik High fans looking out for each other, but many are attempting to help Tablo out so he won’t have to pay resellers so much for his own vinyl!

Celebrities really are just like us, huh?

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