The Unexpected Reason Why Epik High’s Tablo Buys Every Rookie K-Pop Artist’s Album

He’s the ultimate K-Pop multi fan.

It’s no secret Epik High‘s Tablo is a K-Pop fan, but he’s even more dedicated than some might realize.

Tablo | DIVE Studios’ MINDSET

Recently, Tablo posted a photo via Instagram Stories. He revealed his K-Pop album haul, including BOYNEXTDOOR, among others. He wrote, “I legit might be the biggest supporter of kpop.”

| @blobylo/Instagram

A fan posted on X (formerly Twitter) to ask Tablo just how extensive his K-Pop album collection is. He quote-tweeted, responding that he might actually need a new room just for his K-Pop albums.

| @blobyblo/Instagram

Tablo revealed further that he buys every new K-Pop artist’s album. He explained that he remembers being a rookie and no one purchasing his album, so he doesn’t want the same to happen to others.

Tablo is such a kindhearted guy! You can read more about his love for K-Pop below.

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