Epik High’s Tablo Reveals Who The Hidden Singer Is On Their Iconic Song “Eternal Sunshine”

After 2 years, fans finally know who it is!

Epik High‘s Tablo finally revealed who the mystery artist with the honey voice is on their 2019 track, “Eternal Sunshine”!

Epik High’s “Eternal Sunshine” has already attained iconic status due to its amazing lyrics, rap, and melody!

| Epik High

The song is also a well-known collaboration between Epik High and BTS‘s Suga, and fans could;t help but fall in love with this work of art!

Epik High and BTS’s Suga| @blobyblo/ Instagram

And now, almost two years after it was released as part of Epik High’s 2019 album Sleepless In__________, Tablo revealed the hidden female artist behind the addictive hook of the song!

In a tweet, he revealed that it was none other than former YG Entertainment labelmate and talented soloist, Lee Hi!

Responding to this tweet, Lee Hi excitedly confirmed it, and talked about how time has passed by since the release of “Eternal Sunshine”!

You’re right! That’s true, you’re right… The time is already… 2021… And soon, it’ll be 2022.

There you have it! On this amazing track, there were two amazing artist features: Suga, and Lee Hi!

| @blobyblo/ Twitter

Listen to the track here!