Tablo Reveals What Writing Music With BTS’s Suga Is Like

He opened up about their collaborations.

Epik High‘s Tablo is giving fans an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to work with BTS‘s Suga.


Suga and Tablo collaborated twice in 2019. In January, Lee Sora released her single “Song Request”, featuring Tablo as a songwriter, lyricist, and producer. Suga guested on the track as a featured artist. It was the first time he featured on another artist’s song since his debut.


A few months later, Epik High released sleepless in _______, in March. This album features Suga, Sunwoo JungaYunaCrush, and Code Kunst. Suga assisted in the arrangement and composition of the song “Eternal Sunshine”.


On October 24, Tablo mentioned Suga in Episode 13 of The Tablo Podcast. He said he received many messages asking him to talk about writing music with Suga.


“It’s like working with any other artist that is very talented and passionate,” he began. “Also, me and him, we vibe very well creative-wise, music-wise, so it was a very simple process. I think we finished the song in a matter of days, but the actual creation part didn’t take a few hours even.” 


Tablo talked about the creation process for both “Song Request” and “Eternal Sunshine.”

We actually collabed on two songs this year. I wrote a song for Lee Sora and he was featured on it. That worked out really fast as well. And the song that he wrote with us on our album, “Eternal Sunshine”, it came out super fast.

— Tablo


Since Tablo and Suga mesh so well musically and had similar ideas for their projects, the songwriting process went swiftly and smoothly.

It [“Eternal Sunshine”] was the song on the album that came out the fastest from inception to execution. And I think there are certain artists where that happens. There are certain artists that are great to work with, but the process is longer, right because you have to get a lot of tangents on the same page. So yeah, it was pretty awesome.

— Tablo


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