Epik High’s Tablo Reveals How “Rosario” Took It’s Current Shape And Form

He talked about the creative process behind the song!

Epik High‘s Tablo revealed the process behind the current “Rosario” that is entrancing fans!


On the latest episode of The K-Pop Daebak Show, Eric Nam invited Tablo as a guest, where he talked about tons of things, from Epik High’s new album to the shows he’s waiting for!

Tablo then talked about the title track for their latest album, “Rosario”, and explained how the song developed into what it is now!

It started off with Tukutz, [who] had like a demo beat. It was really, really like, upbeat. Like I mean, “birthday party” upbeat. It was just crazy…happy hour. And he plays me this beat, and he’s like, “What do you think?” And it was good. But it was just really happy. I was like listening, and then 10 minutes later, I was like, “Oh, I’m going to try to rap to this.” So I write like a little something, I go in and I did the rap but my verse was pretty much what’s on the final song. So it was really dark and sort of menacing at times and didn’t fit the song.

So Tukutz is like, “What the hell are you doing?!” And I’m like, I can’t be who I’m not! Like this is what I feel when I hear this song. Ironically.” So we needed to change the song up a bit so that these two emotions can meet in the middle. And to do that we went to LA, pre-COVID US.


Tablo then talked about how they worked with tons of different artists in the US to find that middle ground!

So we got there and we worked with different artists to change up the song, to try to get different energies into it. And then we came up with a song that can sound hype, and like you can work out to this song. But at the same time, has this sadness and this darkness that I wanted to deliver.


Epik High recently made their comeback with their 10th full album titled Epik High Is Here, and title track “Rosario”.

You can watch him talk about the creative process behind “Rosario’ here!