Epik High’s Tablo Tests Positive For COVID-19 And Cancels All Comeback Activities

We hope he recovers soon!

Epik High’s Tablo has tested positive for COVID-19. A representative from the agency revealed that he received a positive result on February 9 regardless of being fully vaccinated. Below is the official statement.

Epik High’s Tablo has confirmed positive for COVID-19 today (February 9). Tablo has been fully vaccinated up until the third booster shoot. He felt minor symptoms on February 3 and took a PCR test and received a negative result on February 4. However, as a result of a voluntary re-diagnosis on February 8, he received a positive test result on February 9. Currently, his symptoms are mild and is currently waiting for treatment guidelines from the health authorities. The other members and staff who were recently in contact with Tablo have gone through testing and have all received a negative result. 

Epik High plans to cancel future activities and follow the health authorities’ instructions until Tablo’s quarantine is lifted. Their new album scheduled for February 14 will be released without any change. We will continue to strictly follow the quarantine guidelines and do our best for Tablo’s recovery.

Source: sports chosun