Epik High’s Tablo Ventures Into TV Industry With K-Pop Comedy Series “Neon Machine”

He’s teaming up with some big names in the industry.

It’s official—Epik High‘s Tablo is venturing into the TV/film industry.

Tablo of Epik High | @blobyblo/Instagram

On May 29, the renowned rapper announced that he is in the process of developing a K-Pop comedy series called Neon Machine. He has teamed up with Barry producer Jason KimScooter Braun‘s SB Projects, and Amazon.

“Barry” producer Jason Kim | Deadline

Neon Machine will be handled by a predominantly Korean production team. It centers around the story of an out-of-left-field K-Pop celebrity who hits global stardom, only to possibly lose it all in the process.

In a post published on Twitter, Tablo described feeling “excited” to make the big announcement. He ended by asking fans to “Stay tuned.

Source: Deadline