Epik High Trying To Follow TikTok Challenges Will Be The Best Thing You See Today

The legends have returned.

Group Epik High released their new album Epik High Is Here, the first part of their two-part series. This is their tenth studio album and is their first comeback in two years.

| @blobyblo/Twitter

In order to promote their new album, they have been avid users of TikTok and other live stream platforms.

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Most recently, they worked with Cosmopolitan to show off their dance moves with the ‘TikTok Challenge Challenge’.

They held two rounds of TikTok dance challenges in order to vote for who was the best dancer. Tablo, who stated that he “doesn’t dance”, was seen having quite a lot of fun with this challenge.

Mithra Jin seemed to get all the moves down right, making him a potential contender of being the best dancer of the group!

DJ Tukutz wasn’t playing with his dance moves at all either!

Fans thoroughly enjoyed this legendary K-HipHop group take on this challenge, giving them a good laugh and a rise in serotonin levels.

This trio debuted in 2003 with the album Map Of The Human Soul.

Watch the full challenge video below to see who wins this dance battle!