Eric Nam Breaks The Internet Then Fixes It With Comeback Announcement

Everyone, say “thank you, Eric Nam,” for fixing the internet. 

In case you weren’t on the internet yesterday… It was a wild time.

Facebook went down for hours, which also means Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., were also down.

And because everyone turned to Twitter for entertainment, it went down momentarily too. There’s nothing you can trust on.

Conspiracy theories arose, and many wondered what (or who) was to blame. We were shocked to find out it was none other than the solo artist and entrepreneur Eric Nam himself.

Eric Nam, breaker of internet. | @ericnam/Instagram

He confessed on Twitter yesterday that it was indeed him who “broke the internet,” as it happened while attempting to upload a teaser for his new single.

Coincidence? Clearly not.

Determined to make things right and give us the teaser NamNation deserves, he vowed to get the internet back to its normal state.

About five hours later, all seemed to be right in the world again (not really, but at least we could use social media again)… And Eric posted his official comeback announcement as promised, even being able to post across all social platforms!

He also returned to Twitter to confirm that, yes, it was also he who “fixed the internet” despite earlier being the same culprit for breaking it.

Everyone, say “thank you, Eric Nam,” for fixing the internet.

Probably what Eric Nam looked like while attempting to fix the internet and upload his comeback announcement. | Stone Music Entertainment

You can look forward to Eric Nam’s new single “I Don’t Know You Anymore” (IDKYA), which will be released on October 15. It is available for pre-save now, which is the streaming equivalent of a pre-order. Support the now fully independent artist!

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