Eric Nam’s Brother Brian Steals The Show At Hometown Concert

He interacted with fans before, during, and after the show!

Recently, solo artist Eric Nam performed his hometown show in Atlanta, Georgia, at The Eastern during his 2022 There And Back Again World Tour.

Eric Nam performing at The Eastern in Atlanta, GA, during “There And Back Again World Tour” on March 5. | Tiffotography & EN Management

And somehow, someone stole the show…

Eric Nam performing at The Eastern in Atlanta, GA, during “There And Back Again World Tour” on March 5. | Tiffotography & EN Management

It was none other than his own family!

From left: Eddie Nam, Brian Nam, Eric Nam, their mom and dad at a past concert. | @ericnamofficial/Twitter

Nam Nation (Eric’s fandom) has come to know (and love) the entire Nam family, including his younger brothers Eddie (who is his manager) and Brian, who co-founded DIVE Studios and MINDSET with Eric.

The family is incredibly supportive of Eric, even if it wasn’t always the case. So, whenever Eric has hometown shows, they show up.

Heck, the Nam bros show up at most of Eric’s shows regardless, to be honest.

As expected, fans recognized the entire family at the Atlanta concert, including Eric’s parents, brothers, and Eddie’s wife.

Yet, it was Brian, especially, who stole the show.

Fans reported sightings of Brian before, during, and after the show.

Some fans were even lucky enough to meet him. Brian stopped to interact with fans, and all who spoke to him conveyed that he was so nice.

| Twitter

And like Eddie, Brian watched Eric’s concert from the balcony. Knowing his family was there, Eric couldn’t help but tease them during the show.

I would have to go ahead and suggest my mother close her eyes.

— Eric Nam

Eric Nam has become basically synonymous with “body rolls” as it’s his go-to choreo for hit songs such as “You’re Sexy I’m Sexy,” and he has revealed previously that his mother disapproves of the sexy dance moves. So, when the song was coming up in the setlist, he forewarned his mother to close her eyes before also announcing to the audience that she invited friends from church to his previous show in Nashville, Tennessee.

She drove up to the show in Tennessee … two days ago, and she also invited like fifty of her church friends.

— Eric Nam

At the time, he tried to discourage his mom from inviting friends from church, knowing that not everyone may find the suggestive dancing acceptable. Even in Elvis‘ day, people found his dancing too sexual. So, it’s understandable why Eric would be concerned about the outcome.

I was like, ‘Uh… Are you sure you want them to come?’ And she was like, ‘You’re gonna tone it down, right?’

— Eric Nam

Eric’s mom asked if perhaps he’d tone down the sexiness, but he assured her he could not… which only made the rest of the family more nervous. So, even with everyone present, he jokingly requested Brian to “not tell mom.”

No, no. So, we’re gonna go even harder… I looked over at my brother Brian standing, and he just got really nervous. Don’t tell Mom, don’t tell her. Alright?

— Eric Nam

When the entire crowd realized Brian was in the building, they cheered excitedly. The cheers soon erupted into a combination of “Brian” chants and barks.

Eric encouraged Brian to give the crowd what they wanted, a body roll, until he complied…

Despite his initial encouragement, Eric got second-hand embarrassment witnessing his youngest brother attempt a body roll. So, with that, they got right back on schedule.

That was embarrassing for three generations.

— Eric Nam

Videos of these iconic moments from fans spotting Brian at the ATL concert have been going viral on TikTok with thousands of views, and we can understand why.


@ericnam clowning his fam in atl😩 #namnation #ericnam #thereandbackagainatl #thereandbackagain #thereandbackagaintour #briannam #atl

♬ You’re Sexy I’m Sexy – 에릭남 (Eric Nam)

The video below has over 25K views!


Eric I’m sorry but Brian stole the show… he seemed embarrassed for you 🤭 #briannam #ericnam #namnation #ericnamatlanta #ericnamconcert #kpop

♬ original sound – Helen <3

Brian is always happy to interact with Nam Nation despite not being an idol himself. He continually interacted with them before, during, and after the concert. Even as fans were in the VIP line for Meet & Greet to see Eric, they would call out to him from afar. He waved and threw back hearts to them.


lol Brian Nam was doing fan service all the way until they closed the venue lol I should have got the hearts he did for fans🤭 #thereandbackagaintour

♬ original sound – Tiffunny

This wouldn’t even be the only Eric Nam concert he stole the show at. In New York, he photobombed a group’s Meet & Greet photo with Eric!

| @bnam10/Instagram

Of course, Brian’s stealing the spotlight at the Atlanta show was not the only viral moment of the evening. A couple also got engaged during “Love Die Young!” Read about the heartwarming moment below:

A Couple Got Engaged At Eric Nam’s Concert, And His Reaction Was Priceless

Source: @tiffu20

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