Eric Nam’s Inner Music Connoisseur Came Bursting Out In Tears After Listening To EXO’s Vocals

*cries in EXO*

Eric Nam was in tears at EXO‘s music!

On the December 12 episode of Eric Nam’s K-Pop Daebak Show presented by DIVE Studios, Eric Nam talked a bit about himself, and gave background details on his songwriting process, music he’s listening to these days, and more!


While talking about his current favorite jams, Eric Nam fine tuned into the holiday spirit, and recommended EXO’s 2013 hit “Miracles In December” as a song that absolutely must adorn your Christmas playlist! He first talked about how 2/3rd of the song is Baekhyun and D.O., but opines that when Chen‘s voice is thrown into the mix, it makes for a nice balancing of vocals.


Eric Nam then began to play the song, and as soon as those piano chords hit, he began crying over how beautiful and soul-hitting it was!


As emotional as he got over the music, he still stopped to immediately sing along (perfectly) to the opening lines of the song, and then promptly resumed his weeping.


Fans have been dying at Eric Nam’s reaction to “Miracles in December” because while it’s heartfelt, it’s also so hilarious!


Eric Nam recently released his first all-English album in November, titled Before We Begin. He is also set to embark on his world tour, also titled Before We Begin, starting January 2020, and will visit 7 countries as part of his tour.


Watch the episode here!


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