Eric Nam Speaks Out About COVID-19 Xenophobia And Racism

He and his brothers shared their personal experiences about COVID-19 and racism.

Eric Nam and his brothers, Eddie Nam and Brian Nam, recently discussed the rising xenophobia and racism Asian people are facing in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Episode 47 of DIVE Studio‘s K-Pop Daebak Show, Eddie Nam opened the discussion by talking about incidences of xenophobia and racism he has seen posted online.

I’m subscribed to a Facebook group right now that’s called “Crimes Against Asians”. I am just, like, seeing these people on the subway just getting knocked out, getting attacked because they’re Asian and this thing originated out of Asian, or whatever. It’s a scary time.

— Eddie Nam

“Fear feeds fear,” Eric Nam said. “Ignorance feeds ignorance. And that’s just the way we’re going into more polarizing opposites.” 

The rise in racism stemming from COVID-19 is the continuation of longstanding racism Asians continue to face. During his last tour, Eric Nam said that he experienced “blatant acts of racism” against him because he is Asian.

At a restaurant in Buffalo, for instance, Eric Nam and his all-Asian party of ten were repeatedly refused service, supposedly because there were too many people to seat. The employee changed their tune, however, once Eric Nam’s non-Asian friends arrived.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. After 10 to 15 minutes of waiting to be served, Eric Nam and his party were told that all the fryers in this fried chicken restaurant were broken, meaning that the restaurant could not serve them. As Eric Nam was leaving, he overheard an employee slandering his party.

Watch the full video here:

Eric Nam