Eric Nam Becomes A Dad?! He Adopts Fan At Concert

Daddy? Sorry… Daddy? Sorry, Daddy?

Eric Nam has officially become a dad… sort of?

Eric Nam | @ericnamofficial/Twitter

Up until this point, Eric Nam has been many things: solo artist, entrepreneur, podcaster, TV host, etc. A father? No.

Although, time and time again, Eric has proved that he has everything it takes to be a great dad. For one thing, he is the oldest of three brothers, so in a way, he’s low-key been in practice.

From left: Eddie, Brian, and Eric Nam as kids. | @ednam10/Instagram

In 2020, he also guested on MBC‘s U Are The World. He comforted a crying child during the episode, proving his caring side.

And, of course, comedian Sam Hammington‘s kids William and Bentley love Eric Nam too! Who doesn’t, right?

Still, Eric has yet to marry and also has no kids… Yet, he knows that he’s popular with all age groups, adults and kids, so he often recognizes the youngest at his concerts.

Now, at one of his most recent concerts during his 2022 There And Back Again World Tour, one young fan proposed… that Eric adopt them. Eric is surely used to marriage proposals at this point from fans, but adoption?! 


he’s so fun in person hahahsjsk #popmusic #ericnam #thereandbackagain #TABA #vancouver #concert #fyp

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Eric Nam was posing with the audience of one of his Vancouver shows for a group photo. This was when he noticed the fan, Amori, on his right, was holding up signs. So, he stopped to look at them or “roast” them.

He looked over them, realizing what it was. Eric was stunned to realize that Amori had brought in “adoption papers.”

And, Amori was going to hand the papers over when they did what we all fear to do in front of our favorite celebrity: trip and fall.

Eric proved again what a great dad he is already. When he realized Amori had fallen, he checked to ensure they were okay and told them to get up!

Thankfully, Amori was okay. Besides, the photo turned out great!

| @enmgmt/Twitter

Since posting the event video to TikTok, Amori (@amori.cos) has gone viral. As of February 8, just two days after posting, it already has 3.4 million views! And, of course, Amori made the adoption official by updating their bio (as they should)…

| @amori.cos/TikTok

Watch the full TikTok below:


hopefully see you next year dad! 😋 #vancouver #ericnam #thereandbackagain

♬ omg father nam – Amori ✨

Source: @amori.cos

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