Eric Nam Fondly Gushes Over Jessi As He Talks About Why 2020 Was So Incredible For Her

“I’m so happy for her, and like, she’s just killin’ it.”

Eric Nam fondly gushed over his friend Jessi as he revealed why she was the biggest artist of 2020 for him!

On the latest episode of the K-Pop Daebak Show, one which he hosted with Eddie Nam, Eric Nam talked about a ton of topics, creating great content for all of his fans!

One of the topics the two discussed was the artist who, in Eric’s opinion, had managed to rise the most in 2020!

Whose star has risen the most in 2020 in your opinion and why?

—Eddie Nam

And Eric Nam fondly picked his iconic close friend, Jessi! Citing her determination and perseverance as being a major factor, he then gushed over how much she’s managed to achieve in 2020!

In 2020? Jessi. It’s Jessi. I mean, obviously, she’s been working at it forever. But, I think this year, it was like a combination of like all the incredible things she’s been doing, and all the efforts she’s been putting in. All the TV, all the different ways that she’s been working really hard. [It] All kinda paid off and with that right song and that right promo…It was like, perfect.

Everything felt like perfect timing; it fit her. Everything about her persona and her personality on stage… I just feel like it just connected with people so so well.

—Eric Nam

He then finally expressed how proud and happy he was for all that she’s worked so hard for!

And so, I’m so happy for her, and like, she’s just killin’ it. So I think it’s Jessi.

—Eric Nam

And it’s true, Jessi’s had such an incredible year! With her song “NUNU NANA” being a great success…

To her many variety show appearances…

And also to hosting her very own show, Showterview With Jessi, she’s had a busy and fruitful year, delivering everything on point!

You can watch Eric Nam talk about Jessi’s great year here, from the 0:43 mark here!

Eric Nam