Netizens Shocked At What Eric Nam Has Been Doing Lately

“What is it that he can’t do…”

Eric Nam held his concert I Color You from February 16-17 and netizens are shocked after seeing some of his performances from this day.

While Eric Nam is generally known for his melodic voice in his ballad songs, on this day, he completely caught his fans off guard when he began to perform Sunmi‘s “Gashina”.


Not only was he extremely sexy…


But his girl group dancing skills were impressive as well!



Not to mention the alluring expressions on his face.


That wasn’t all! He also performed BTS‘ “Idol,”


And even TWICE‘s “Yes or Yes”!


Of course, he went right back to his old self when he sang his ballad songs.


Netizens were simply shocked at how Eric Nam could be good at everything he does!

  • “What is it that he can’t do…He’s good at writing his own songs too.”
  • “His talent is overflowing.”
  • “He’s so cute!! I hope I can go to his concert one day.”
  • “He’s even flexible!! Lmao.”
  • “I love his voice when he’s singing Gashina.”
  • “Omg…He even dances well. It’s so cute how he puts in the effort.”
  • “He’s so charming.”
  • “There’s nothing he can’t do.”


Check out Eric Nam’s version of “Gashina” below:

Source: Pann Nate

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