Eric Nam Gushes About What Incredible Seniors TVXQ Are

He talked all about how much he loves TVXQ!

Eric Nam has nothing but love for his sunbaes, TVXQ!

On the latest episode of The K-Pop Daebak Show, Eric Nam talked about a few groups and songs that he’s been listening to lately!

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One of the groups he mentioned was none other than TVXQ- particularly, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho!

While talking about Yunho’s solo debut song “Thank U”, he gushed over his incredible work ethic, and also praised his down-to-earth personality as well!

We gotta give some respect to some sunbaes today. We gotta talk briefly about TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho! So he has a new song out called “Thank U”. And you know, TVXQ… They’re legends in their own right. And they perform like no other.

—Eric Nam

Eric Nam then talked about the time his comeback promotion period overlapped with TVXQ, and shared what his experience was like!

I may have shared this story before but…I had the honor and pleasure to promote with them during the same time period. And so we would see each other on a pretty regular basis when we were promoting. This is a few years ago…

And when they perform; when they’re onstage, taping or live…Literally every artist on the show will just go, leave their room, go out of their way to see them perform because they are so good.

—Eric Nam

Along with being amazing performers, Eric Nam revealed that TVXQ are amazing people as well, and he also talked about how appreciative he was of them!

And the best thing is that they were also good people. Especially- I guess both of them. They’re both really good people. But I remember U-Know Yunho just being like, “I really like your voice. I think you’re an incredible singer.” And he just gave me all these compliments, and they gave me a signed album.

And they filled up the entire like, front page or second page or whatever with like a full letter. And I was like, “Oh, that’s so nice”. So I was very touched by it, and then also appreciative of it.

—Eric Nam

Eric Nam then shared that although he may not have been there at TVXQ’s peak, he’s happy to be here to appreciate all of their music right now!

I don’t think I was into K-Pop when TVXQ was at their peak. I was just not aware of K-Pop during that time period. So, but like getting to go back in time, and listen to their stuff and… Just keep[ing] my eyes and ears open for it. It’s been really cool.

—Eric Nam

It’s so great to see artists supporting their fellow artists!

You can watch him talk about it here!