Eric Nam Is Living His Best Quarantine Life — Take Notes

Tom Hanks had Wilson, Eric Nam has Wilma.

If the side effects of social distancing are hitting you hard, don’t worry. You’re not alone…figuratively speaking.

Eric Nam is one of the many K-Pop idols holed up at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but he’s finding plenty of ways to amuse himself.

For starters, Eric Nam gave out his real phone number on Twitter…

…and received some hilarious texts from fans.

(Side note: he was repeatedly accused of being a bot!)

Self-isolation changes people. Like many people, Eric Nam’s hair is getting a little out of control…

…and so are his online shopping impulses.

(For those of you who weren’t alive to play with Bop Its in 1996, here’s what they look like.)

On April Fool’s Day, Eric Nam reached peak quarantine comedy when he referenced Wilson, Tom Hank‘s sole companion from the movie Castaway. 

Personally, we prefer Wilma to Wilson. Ironically, she is travel size!

Watch Eric Nam host the final chaotic episode of 2020’s best K-Pop game show, HWAITING.

Eric Nam