Eric Nam makes Apink’s hearts flutter with his special X-mas gifts

Solo singer Eric Nam has proven yet again why he’s become one of the most popular and well-liked celebrities in Korea. 

On a recent episode of popular variety show Yang Nam Show, Eric Nam was tasked with buying Apink members Chorong and Namjoo presents. But with the restriction that he only had about twenty dollars to spend, Eric Nam once again proved his thoughtfulness and his caring nature with what he decided to purchase for them.

Realizing that the winter season could be difficult for the hard-working Apink members, Eric Nam decided to purchase the girls tangerines, throat lozenges, and protective face masked. He explained, “Namjoo looked like she had a bit of a cold, so the tangerines are for vitamin C. The candy and masks are to help you take care of your health since you have upcoming concerts to perform at.” Eric Nam’s amazing gifts definitely left a impression on the Apink members, who sincerely thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

Apink successfully held their two-day concert Pink Party in Seoul on December 17th and 18th. Eric Nam’s presents were undoubtedly useful to the girls, who performed for six hours between the two shows.